The Imbumba Foundation is a non-profit organisation founded by innovative social entrepreneur, Richard Mabaso in 2010.

Imbumba is a bean seed. It symbolises eternity and the unending cycle of life. It represents an eternal bond and because it has no beginning  or end, constant growth through unity, the cycle of life, which is the whole concept behind a seed, being renewal and growth. It’s a visual link to a flower being positive growth and the unity between Imbumba and the organisations it supports and serves.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

The Foundation aims to bring about social change and economic upliftment, within rural and economically marginalised communities in Southern Africa, through investing and mentoring individuals and communities who seek to uplift and empower themselves.

Richard intimately understands the challenges of growing up in such a rural community and overcoming many difficulties. He has had first-hand experience of how “coming together” can impact on our individual and collective futures and his work through the Imbumba Foundation is a testament to the African Proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

The Foundation provides support to willing and determined individuals and communities who have proved their desire to improve the lives of the least fortunate within their society and help them expand their influence and effectiveness.

The Foundation positions itself as an innovative, non-profit, social enterprise that understands contemporary challenges facing today’s society. The overall strategic intent of the Foundation is to be on the leading edge of pioneering social innovations that help the public sector, private sector and communities to work together to achieve effective and sustainable public-private-partnerships (PPP).

Our Strategic Intent and Corporate Services

Imbumba Foundation offers unique value to our corporate partners by providing partnership programmes that assists companies in turning their Corporate Social Investment (CSI) obligation into an opportunity.


Recognising the need for corporates to not only make a meaningful contribution, we aim to tailor-make CSI projects that offer both internal relevance and opportunities to participate to their staff; as well as external positive brand reinforcement to their clients.


Our Chief Executive and team bring over 35 years’ combined experience in community development work.

Imbumba Foundation offers the following services and expertise on a consulting basis:
  • CSI advisory and consultancy
  • Project identification, conceptualisation, development, budget, implementation and monitoring expertise.
  • Opportunity to collaborate on several existing CSI projects, including pairing project partners with complementary brands and leading non-profit partners as well as government stakeholders.
  • Project management consulting services to assist corporates in maximising their CSI reach without the need to employ additional or expert in-house resources.
  • Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment – we create and offer initiatives that help companies maximize their B-BBEE score card.
Our clients include:
  • The Leadership Company (UK);
  • Express Employment Professionals’ Shosholoza Foundation (USA);
  • The Road Accident Fund (SA)

Our own commitment to development

Every year the Imbumba Foundation gives on-the- job work experience opportunities

to two unemployed graduates as part of our commitment to skills development and training.