On Friday evening, 10th April, our President advised that a decision had been made to extend the nation-wide lockdown by a further two weeks beyond theinitial 21 days. President Ramaphosa in his address stated “We are in a situation that demands swift action and exceptional methods, a situation that demands innovation and the mobilisation of every resource that we have”, and that “an essential part of our response to this emergency is the principle of solidarity.”
Fourways Airconditioning, in an immediate reaction to the call to mobilise resources at our disposal in the united fight against COVID-19, contacted the Imbumba Foundation to offer logistics support to the organisation’s #Soap4Hope Campaign. The Imbumba Foundation, in partnership with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, have launched the #Soap4Hope campaign, with the aim of collecting anti-bacterial hand-wash soap and other alternatives to help curb and prevent unnecessary widespread infection within underprivileged South African communities.
Fourways Airconditioning CFO, Graeme Takis, has committed the loan of 14 delivery trucks to Imbumba Foundation for the duration of the COVID-19 lockdown period in the Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town regions. Graeme says: “We are all in a position to help each other and our country in some way or another, every small gesture is a link in the chain of unity that is keeping us stronger together.” His partner, Fourways Airconditioning CEO Richard Perry echo’s this sentiment, adding: “We are delighted to join the #Soap4Hope Campaign and proud to be of service. We believe it is up to us all as South Africans, to keep each other’s spirits up and stand together during these challenging times”. The donation will include the provision of vehicles, drivers, fuel, insurance and maintenance.
Following the call by the South African government and relevant stakeholders within the health sector, for the greater South African community to heed calls for hygiene, the Imbumba Foundation has established core objectives that will guide the campaign for its relief programme.
• To fundraise for hand washing soap and other essentials to achieve the number 1 priority of handwashing for 20 seconds. • To roll-out a drive to establish hygiene protocol by providing these soaps to those with limited access. • Advocate access to water for under-resourced communities and partner with relevant water and sanitation bodies, to support and enable hygiene practices. • To establish partnerships with the relevant water and sanitation bodies to enable hygiene practices for the under-resourced. These multi-stakeholder partnerships are to strengthen governments efforts in combating the Corona Virus: COVID-19. • To provide additional support where possible with ensuring food security to vulnerable families.
• To make use of multimedia platforms in order to create a sense of hope and inspiration, for everyone, even post the pandemic.

Imbumba CEO, Richard Mabaso says: “As a foundation, we felt compelled to act by reaching out to our fellow South Africans as we fight this pandemic. We have been witnessing the Corona virus rip through the global community and decided that we needed to create a programme that will help address an immediate need for hygiene. South Africans are known and well respected for their humanity and unity in all crises and for their activism, whether in groups or as individuals. Our people have continuously demonstrated the spirit of togetherness and so we call upon them, to once again, help us to inspire hope as we live through these trying times and try to shape a positive narrative that will see us through this period and beyond. The savings to the Foundation’s operational costs as a result of this generous gesture by Fourways Aircon, will allow the Foundation to distribute an additional 500 food packs including hand wash and all-purpose cleaner to 500 vulnerable families.”
The Imbumba Foundation positions itself as an innovative, non-profit, social enterprise that understands contemporary challenges facing today’s society. The overall strategic intent of the Foundation is to be on the leading edge of pioneering social innovations that help the public sector, private sector and communities to work together to achieve effective and sustainable public-private-partnerships. Imbumba Foundation created #Trek4Mandela, through which the organisation has been championing the #Caring4Girls programme, since 2012. An initiative which provides menstrual hygiene support in the form of sanitary pads and menstrual hygiene education to more than 950,000 girls throughout the 9 Provinces of South Africa.
South Africans are encouraged to make donations online on https://www.givengain.com/cc/soap4hope.
The following hashtags have been created for those who wish to follow and support the campaign on social media: #Soap4Hope #Back2Basics #CleanHandsSaveLives
For more information, the public may send enquiries to info@imbumbafoundation.org or make use of the WhatsApp contact number +27 (0)67 030 5924.