Marsh Insurance honour front line medical workers dedicated to serve humanity

February 20, 2023


Kwa-Zulu Natal and parts of Gauteng, as well as the ongoing effects of the Covid19 pandemic, access to food security continues to be an uphill battle for many South African’s. On the back of many families who received food parcels from March 2020 aided by the Imbumba Foundation and additional associates, the Foundation decided to continue their efforts and expand on a food relief campaign, RISE -#Rebuild #Inspire #Support #Encourage.

Marsh Insurance, a partner of the Imbumba Foundation’s RISE campaign has dedicated resources to provide food parcels to those most in need. In addition to addressing food relief, Marsh Insurance continue to RISE by extending their gratitude to health care workers. In line with 67 minutes for Tata Madiba, Marsh Insurance supported 67 Doctors, Nurses and Medical Interns with gifts as a token of their appreciation for their dedication towards serving humanity. The launch took place at one of South Africa’s public hospitals in Kwa-Zulu Natal on 22 July 2021 and will be expanded to hospitals in the Western Cape and Gauteng regions until August 2021.

In the spirit of celebrating Mandela Day, The Imbumba Foundation created the RISE campaign to demonstrate resilience in support of food security challenges. RISE aims to rebuild the economy and society by inspiring, supporting and encouraging each other during these trying times. The Foundation’s goal is to support 67,000 families with food and sanitary pads throughout the country between July to December 2021.

The Imbumba Foundation commends Marsh for their generosity in aiding those most in need and appreciating those who have put their lives on the line for the betterment of society in overcoming the Covid19 pandemic.

“Thank you very much Marsh Insurance for your act of selflessness and empowering communities and society at large. Let us continue to RISE and demonstrate our RESILIENCE in support of those most in need and not forgetting those who are succoring society.” – Richard Mabaso.

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