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Fourways Airconditioning Responds to President’s Call for Solidarity

  On Friday evening, 10th April, our President advised that a decision had been made to extend the nation-wide lockdown by a further two weeks beyond theinitial 21 days. President …

Sahara Desert

The Africa 7 Continents Challenge will be launched in Africa and involve the girls walking through the vast landscapes and sand dunes of the iconic Sahara Desert, camping under the …

End the taboo. Period!

Saturday 7 July 2018, Saturday Star

Not talking about menstruation, or knowing how to cope with it, is leaving many girls without schooling.

Stairway to compassion

Saturday 21 July 2018, Saturday Star

Climbing Kilimanjaro is a character-tester of note.

Tree of life planted to honour Gugu

14 July 2018 Saturday Star

Widow plants first of 100 saplings on slopes of Kilimanjaro.

Bikers for Mandela Day ride to keep girls in school

Monday 02 July 2018, The Citizen

Bikers for Mandela Day, in partnership with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, will this year rally in aid of Keep a Girl Child in School.

#AKA’s mom has her sights set beyond Kilimanjaro

5 June 2018, Pretoria News

When Lynn Forbes was a little 11-year-old, Kilimanjaro was her magical place to escape.

Stepping up the Stairs for big climb of Kilimanjaro

IOL 5 June 2018

Nelson Mandela Foundation chief executive Sello Hatang and Kevin Ritchie ham it up for the cameras at the bottom of Westcliff Stairs – with Hatang in his jeans.

‘Up the berg, time to get a little cocky, the worst is over’

Cape Argus 4 May BLACK PANTHER: Kevin Ritchie and Tawanda Chatikobo, a superhero of the berg.

THERE are rubber tips at the bottom of your climbing poles. They’re there so that you can get them past airport security without having them confiscated as weapons.

Trekking for Mandela will yield positive results

Summitting for a Good Cause The Star 2 May 2018

Summiting for a good cause Esther Masinga is off to Everest.

Teacher’s sights on Mt Kili for a worthy cause

Pretoria News 2 May 2018

Out to make a difference to poor pupils’ lives Esther Masinga and reigning Mrs SA Nicole Capper pose for a picture in the freezing air after summiting Kala Patthar in the …

Sights on the peak for a good cause

Pretoria News 1 March 2018

Vilane set to climb Everest to raise funds for girls’ education.

Giving poverty the boot

The Mercury 5 April 2018

Two men are stepping up to defy patriarchy and address the needs of disadvantaged schoolgirls by climbing Africa’s highest mountain.

Lightening load for next generations

The Star 6 April How two businessmen will climb Mt Kilimanjaro to help disadvantaged schoolgirls

There’s a pair of hiking boots in a glass box in Sello Hatang’s office. They’re caked in mud, dried now.

These boots are made for climbing up Kilimanjaro

Pretoria News 4 April 2018

Trekking up highest mountain in Africa to aid 2 million girls is the aim.

The Mercury: Summiting for a Good Cause

The Mercury: Summiting for a Good Cause 2 May 2018

Summiting for a good cause…ESTHER Masinga is off to Everest in 2020. She’ll do it because she’s put her mind to it, just like she told Sibusiso Vilane she wanted …

A Mountain Man at his Peak

Sibusiso Vilane - a Mountain Man at his Peak The Argus 01 March 2018

A mountain man at his peak – Sibusiso Vilane is off to Everest for the third time – after two marathons and the Trek4Mandela

R1 Million donation from South 32 enables girls

R1-million donation by South32 reaches 3000 girls

Ezakheleni High School in King Cetshwayo district was the first beneficiary of a R1-million donation by mining company South32.