Trek4mandela 2022



Imbumba Foundation: Founder and CEO “After a fearful conversation between my mom and niece about menstruation in 2012, I felt the need to create awareness and address the problem on a national scale. I had the idea to approach my long-time friend, Mr Sibusiso Vilane, to join me and climb Mount Kilimanjaro for Mandela Day in hopes to raise funds and awareness in support of indigent girls."


Trek4Mandela:Expedition Leader, Mountaineer, Adventurer, Motivational Speaker and Author "In 2003, I stood on the summit of Mount Everest becoming the first black African to achieve this. I did it again in 2005 but form the North Side. In 2012, I joined my friend Richard on his quest to summit Mount Kilimanjaro on Mandela Day in support of his vision to empower girl-children."


Northam Platinum: Finance Manager - Corporate Office “As a woman, a mother, and a sister, I'm pushing myself to climb Kilimanjaro in support of the Caring4Girls initiative because I believe that no girl should miss school because of having a period.”


Ernst&Young: Partner Director “Being the father of teenage girls, I find it impossible to conceive them skipping class due to lack of sanitary pads. This is how I'm helping to prevent other girls from skipping class.”


Silulumanzi: Executive Assistant – Office of the MD “As a mother who is raising two girl-children, one feels obligated to play a role in educating these girl-children as well as satisfy the responsible role of implementing their dignity and pride regardless of their background or circumstances.”


Glencore Operations South Africa (Pty) Ltd: Enterprise Development and Supplier Super Intendant “Having experienced what a girl- child from a disadvantaged background is currently experiencing, I made a promise to myself and said that no girl-child should to go through what I went through.”


Old Mutual Foundation: Chairperson loveLife: CEO “I am beyond excited to be part of the climbers on the 10th anniversary of Trek4Mandela. This has been a bucket list item for me for the past 10 years and I am glad to find a cause to which I could ‘hook’ my climb.“


Private company contracted by ABSA: Property Valuator “My reason for climbing is to show my daughter that nothing is impossible with hard work. She plays cricket and really loves it, but often gets despondent playing against mainly boys. I always tell her that with hard work and dedication she can be better than any of the boys she plays against. I like to bring up the example of my own journey.”


Fourways Aircon: Sales Representative “The story behind me wanting to climb Kili was truly inspired by, and totally by chance, meeting Richard Mabaso at one of his Imbumba Foundation and Caring4Girls distributions at a school in KwaMashu that I was asked to assist with by our company Fourways Group.”


Researcher: Livelihoods of Youth within Rural Areas “I have found that sustainability brings growth, it is therefore, a fact that for youth to attain and sustain their livelihoods, they have to be knowledgeable, and most of the knowledge is obtained from schooling regularly. I will be joining those who are embarking on changing the narrative, also providing the opportunity to build a new community and share interests with others in our nation.”


Nelson Mandela Foundation: CEO  “Anniversaries have a way of reminding one compellingly of obligations and undertakings. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Trek4Mandela, for me, this climb would be my fifth. I believe that if we take charge of such initiatives as men - the vision of Richard Mabaso – we might contribute to addressing the taboos surrounding menstruation. ”


University of the Witwatersrand: First Year Law Student “I am turning 21 this year and before I do, I would like to have done something that can change a fellow girl’s future whilst inspiring the next young lady or young man to help change at least one person’s life.”


Omame Investments: CEO “I wanted to do something bigger than myself. The mountain has so many similarities with life, whether you are at school, unemployed, starting a new business, dealing with life’s ongoing challenges, it all requires arduous work, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing to achieve your goal. Undoubtedly, we climb for the girl-child to contribute positively to their schooling journey by allowing them not to miss school because of a lack of sanitary towels.”


Umphafa Berg Tours: Mountaineer and Business Leader   “The climb to Kilimanjaro will be the highlight of starting my journey to reach the world class mountaineering expedition leader status. I have had a relationship with Trek4Mandela since early 2017, joining an earlier established union between Umphafa Berg Tours and Trek4Mandela. Being on the forefront of the training program, I felt the need to take the initiative. One of my greatest goals and dreams with Trek4Mandela is to be the expedition leader.”


Fredericks Incorporated: Attorney, Notary Public and Conveyancer “Having a young daughter has made me alive to the injustices that young girls and women encounter living in a patriarchal world that does not normalise and recognise the real barriers and challenges of womanhood.”


FNB: Digital Portfolio Manager “One of my desires in life is to make a difference and change people's lives. Climbing Kilimanjaro is part of fulfilling my purpose. Knowing that a girl-child miss school during her menstrual cycle because she does not have sanitary pads is painful. It motivates me to make a contribution.”


eNCA: Field Producer “At times, the world calls upon you take charge, make a change, and advance the hopes and aspirations of those that cannot. The #caring4girls initiative is an inspiration enough to take on the daunting task of hiking, and summiting Mount Kilimanjaro.”


Temotio Sports Agency: Athlete “I have been a brand ambassador for a cancer awareness program and supporting fundraising for comprehensive healthcare for children living with facial conditions. Climbing Kilimanjaro for the prestigious Trek4Mandela expedition would be an amazing opportunity to participate in raising funds and awareness of the Caring4Girls initiative. The aim is to bring about social change.”


Rural District Municipalities in the Eastern Cape: Senior Manager for Infrastructure Development. "The quest to conquer Kilimanjaro arouse in 2019 after my friends and I had done the Botswana Desert Walk. I then researched about ways of climbing Kilimanjaro and came across the Imbumba Foundation and its partnership with the Nelson Mandela Foundation. The cause of the climb was what attracted me as it is linked to assisting a girl-child and giving back is one of my passions. So, this related to me personally."



Trek4Mandela:Expedition Leader, Mountaineer, Adventurer, Motivational Speaker and Author "In 2003, I stood on the summit of Mount Everest becoming the first black African to achieve this. I did it again in 2005 but form the North Side. In 2012, I joined my friend Richard on his quest to summit Mount Kilimanjaro on Mandela Day in support of his vision to empower girl-children."


Imbumba Foundation: Communications Manager & Trek4Mandela Project Manager “Having had the privilege of being part of the Foundation and managing the Trek4Mandela project, I am honoured to be experiencing the climb with strong and powerful women.”


Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund: Chief Business Engagement Officer “I enjoy chasing mountains because I feel they are closer to God. The pursuit of perspective and healing knows no bounds, and that is what I’m expecting to encounter on the mountain. I’m climbing for the vulnerable children and youth who’ve been climbing personal mountains; and I’m climbing to meet a version of myself I haven’t met before.”


The Mandela Rhodes Foundation: CEO “To strengthen my health, courage, perseverance, and serve as an inspiration to my daughter Zazi.”


JSE: Director – Human Resources “I’m climbing Kilimanjaro to be of service to others and doing what I can to contribute towards normalizing conversations about periods. Further, to remove the shame that little girls often carry and to ensure that girls, regardless of backgrounds, stature or life circumstance, have an opportunity to continue with school or any other activity they may be involved in.”


JSE: Director – Marketing and Corporate Affairs “It has always been on my bucket list to summit Kilimanjaro but over the years that aspiration faded to nothing. I realize now that it was the lack of purpose for summiting that did not drive me to achieve this years ago. The idea that I am doing this for the girls, to ensure no girl child is left behind as they pursue their education and dreams, appeals to me the most and is my primary motivation.”


Standard Bank: Solution Owner “I am the oldest of three sisters and I am now a working wife and mother to two beautiful girls Culolethu and Sedilaka. Being a mom to two girls, I am further encouraged to do this so that I can teach them the principle of giving back and that they must never stop pushing themselves and achieving whatever goals they may have in the future.”


Wiltons: Company Lead | Director “I am passionate about people, development and doing business differently. I am firmly anchored in South Africa, love our continent, its people and am hopeful of a brighter future. Understanding that we operate within an eco-system, I strongly believe in collaborative efforts and building together. We all have a role to play, individually and collectively to contribute towards each other’s success.”


Standard Chartered Bank: Banker “I always had the desire to climb Kilimanjaro and thought that I would when I turned 40, but my life had a different beginning, and it would not begin at FORTY as they say! Turning FIFTY (21 October) is too big a milestone to Let life have it any other way. That is why I am climbing this 2022 – in gratitude to a Life I never thought it would be so understanding to me.“


Netwerk24: Photographer “I’m climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with Trek4Mandela to tell the story of inspiration that will be summiting on National Women's Day 2022 in South Africa on Tuesday, 9 August to create awareness for the Caring4Girls. Telling their stories will hopefully react the minds of like-minded individuals that can make a difference.”