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Trek100 - A Trek4Mandela Centenary Legacy Project

Celebrating the Madiba Centenary Legacy through bringing 100 girls a once in a lifetime opportunity to expand their world!

Trek4Mandela Centenary Initiatives – TREK100

In celebration of Madiba’s centenary year, the Imbumba Foundation has in honour of Mandela launched a joint initiative with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, taking Trek4Mandela beyond Africa and Kilimanjaro.

We are proud to introduce the TREK100 concept which was officially was launched in September 2018, which is Tourism and Culture month in South Africa.   100 young South African girls from disadvantaged urban and rural backgrounds, (who have never been out of their own villages), will be chosen – to take part in the first of its kind and once in a lifetime experience.

TREK100 is an epic 7 continents challenge which will build on the success of Trek4Mandela with an exciting global development designed to capture the imagination of a nation with a programme of aspiration and achievement.  100 young South Africans girls from disadvantaged urban and rural backgrounds, will be chosen to undertake one of 7 challenges on the 7 continents, along with specially invited trekkers. Sponsoring companies will be invited to support this initiative with a range of opportunities from sponsorship of the young trekkers to sending representatives to trek with them.

The programme will collectively spend Mandela’s 100th year attempting to complete these challenges over the course of Madiba’s centenary year 2018/9, and in the process inspire the next generation of South Africans while aiming to raise enough funds to reach 2 million girls by 2020 through the Caring4Girls Programme.

The Goals of Trek100

The goals of the TREK100 initiative and return on investment are as follows:
Create an appropriate memorial programme in honour of Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday.
Engage and inspire the youth of South Africa and develop globally appropriate leadership skills amongst marginalised youth as future leaders of our local communities. Promoting the approach of “think global, act local”, through exposing participants to foreign and culturally different situations and developing a mind-set and skill-set where they can learn from best practice and alternative approach models, and apply this knowledge to their own local challenges.
Attract corporate partners both in South Africa and globally to grow the Caring4Girls Programme.
Deliver global celebrity endorsements and to assist in promoting awareness of the menstrual challenges and the Caring4Girls cause.
Raise significant programme funding to create sustainability and further the goal of reaching 2- million girls through the Caring4Girls campaign.
Ensure high profile multi-media exposure and support.
Create unique CSI partner investment opportunities with a limited number of sponsor partners per Trek adventure.
Address and contribute to the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development that includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals, building on the principle of “leaving no one behind”, the new Agenda emphasizes a holistic approach to achieving sustainable development for all. As such the expedition will speak to the following of the 17 goals:
  • Good health and well-being

  • Quality education

  • Gender equality

  • Reduced inequality

  • Sustainable communities

  • Responsible consumption

  • Partnerships for reaching the SDG’s in terms of inclusiveness and participating as global citizens

More about the Leadership Programme

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”
Nelson Mandela 1918 -2013

The programme components are designed to help participants understand themselves and their impact on others better.

It is intended to have participants face true life situations and challenges that will enable each of them to bring a new and enhanced leadership skill-set back into their community and their personal lives.

They will progressively build up their understanding of leadership and the process will drive their growth as future leader to their maximum potential.

For each continent there will be a specific set of challenges. All will require the participants to travel, learn, inspire and overcome.

Each challenge will require different levels of physical ability as not everyone is super-fit or possessed of natural talent. However, each challenge has specific trials that will test the human spirit to the limit.

The leadership component will consist of four key elements:


Group leadership

leadership projects

Final evaluation

Expedition Destinations

Challenge 1: Africa

Sahara Desert in Morocco

Challenge 2: Asia

Great Wall of China

Challenge 3: Australia

The Larapinta Trail

Challenge 4: Europe

The Walker’s Haute Route

Challenge 5: North America

Colorado River &
The Grand Canyon

Challenge 6: South America

The Inca Trail

Challenge 7: Antarctica

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